Meemoo stickers, first mail I’ve ever gotten from Finland


Meemoo stickers, first mail I’ve ever gotten from Finland

new mic functionality

this web app uses your computer’s microphone to let meemoo know when to record as well as how much is keyed out and how light the color is that fills your face, runs in chrome

End of SOC

Summer of Code is over and this is the final post relating to that, but I will still make Meemoo things, because I enjoy it. Over the course of the program, the specifics of the end goals changed a bit, but the core ideas of the original proposal remained very similar. I made several hacktivities meant to showcase the artistic and practical possibilities of Meemoo. I made two videos, one promoting Meemoo using stop action animation, relating to the use at the Open Art Eyebeam and other Mozilla webmaker events, and an instructional video highlighting the “use, build, hack, share” capabilities of Meemoo. I had a good experience with this program and will continue the “Design Hacktivities” project outside of the 2013 Google Summer of Code.

Not exactly light painting, but the same idea

Click start camera, there is a slider that you can increase or decrease the time the app records. Click “record” to clear out the trails and start recording new frames. Recording will automatically stop after however many seconds you set using the horizontal slider. If you want to save animation, click “make gif” in the animation module.

You can then either upload it to Meemoo’s hosting by dragging the image to the “Image” panel, or right-clicking and selecting “save image as.”

light painting in meemoo

more and more tile modules, green paper, blue paper

These are all from creating a 10 frame base animation by holding and slightly moving a piece of yellow and a piece of blue paper up tot my web cam, then removing one frame at a time until there were only two.

The tile grid app right here:

The number of frames increases from 2 in the upper left, all the way to 10 frames in the bottom right.

I added a tile module to further abstract the previous grid app. All that is taking place is me holding up an orange then a green piece of paper.

What’s probably the most fun is the live editing, seeing small changes affecting more complex patterns.